Fast forward four months and we could now

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Fortunately, WoW game developer Jeremy Feasel affirmed the zombie invasion part of the event is only going to be active for a few hours throughout the WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold day instead of all the time. I am actually a little disappointed by that, honestly, because I believe it would be interesting to see an all-out, 24/7 invasion that players have to try and contain--something similar to World of Warcraft's notorious Corrupted Blood event.

Players may also venture to the arctic wastes of Northrend to fight bosses and make powerful loot, and there is also a new narrative quest to test .

If you are a WoW subscriber, you can check all of this out now by following these steps to access the public test server. Otherwise, you can wait till the event inevitably starts sometime in the coming months. But now that it is about the PTR, it'll likely be occurring sooner rather than later

Since publishing our initial story, YouTuber and Reddit user'KokushiGG' has recently posted a new video showing off Ray Traced Shadows in the zones in the growth. You'll discover the video down below. Like yesterday's screenshots, we can observe the difference in Shadows is rather minimal with the new feature enabled. Allowing Ray Traced Shadows, however, will appear to greatly impact performance with FPS dropping from 120FPS to 60FPS in some instances.

Ray Traced Shadows in World of Warcraft Shadowlands have been enabled on the match's Beta/PTR, and the very first comparison shots have now surfaced online.

Back in April of the year, Blizzard additional Ray Traced Shadow options to the match's Alpha. Unfortunately, real Ray Traced Shadows were not enabled just yet and those in the Alpha were only able to view the new choices. According to the alternative's description, it"improves shadow quality with ray tracing, which generates shadows with more natural softness, substantially increased precision, and from other light sources"

Players from the alpha Could select one of the following Ray Traced Shadows choices:

Fast forward four months and we could now finally see how the new shadows look in the forthcoming Shadowlands expansion. Before this week we already reported that the new NVIDIA Game Ready Driver added support for the brand new attribute in Shadowlands, and several Beta/PTR players have shared some screenshots comparing Shadowlands with and without the Ray Traced Shadows enabled.

As shared by Blizzard, the newest option within Shadowlands uses DirectX Ray Tracing 1.1 (DXR 1.1) along with a DXR 1.1-capable driver must utilize Ray Traced Shadows.We've contained the shared comparison screenshots down below. As can be seen in those shots, and as may have been expected, the effects of Ray Traced Shadows aren't that buy TBC Classic Gold clear but do seem to be more powerful in darker regions with low lighting.